SecureData 2TB SecureDrive KP FIPS 140-2 Hard Drive with Pin Authentication

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as of 12/08/2023 (Details)

CERTIFIED SECURE WITH FIPS COMPLIANT DESIGN: Full disk hardware encryption is just a start of keeping your data completely safe should it ever get into the wrong hands. While the hardware design is impenetrable we don’t stop there, all user data and crypto parameters are encrypted as well. The SecureDrive KP contain an independent processor, crypto processor as well as other security components to create a unique and patent pending design. Every vital piece of electronics is covered with a tough epoxy coating cementing the critical components in an indistinguishable solid capsule. While this epoxy is effectively impossible to remove without destroying the independent components, it does not however affect the functionality of each component nor reduce the overall performance, it simply makes the electronics impossible to separate and reverse engineer. OS AND PLATFORM INDEPENDENT: The SecureDrive KP will work on any host operating system (Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Thin Clients, Zero Clients, Android & Embedded Systems). This means this is the perfect backup solution for DVRs, Game Consoles, Laptops, PCs, Servers, Workstations and any other device with USB ports. There are no drivers or software to update, all encryption and authentication is performed directly on the drive. PRELOADED WITH ANTIVIRUS: Keep your SecureDrive KP virus free with a pre-loaded 1 year license for the USB Antivirus by ESET real-time Heuristic Scanning. Even if not connected to the internet the ESET engine will recognize malicious files based on a custom algorithm and deny saving them to the SecureDrive KP. Unlike desktop antivirus software the USB Antivirus is designed for mobile devices and does not require any installation on the host system. BRUTE FORCE ANTI-HACKING SELF DESTRUCT FEATURE: Entering an incorrect password 10 consecutive times will trigger the brute force hacking detection which will instantly erase the data on the drive.

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