Photo-Stick-for-iPhone-Storage 128GB iPhone-Memory iPhone USB for Photos iPhone USB Flash Drive Memory for iPad External iPhone Storage iPhone Thumb Drive for iPad Photo Stick Mobile for iPhone USB

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This photo stick for iPhone USB flash drive for iPhone 128GB photostick mobile for iPhone flash drive 128GB iPhone external storage iPhone picture stick memory stick iPhone thumb drive for iPhone x flash drive for photos storage.If you want to make your iPhone/iPad more convenient,If you want to take as much photos videos as you can in your life, for yourself, babies, pets,If you want to transfer files, photos, videos among different computers, iPhone, iPad, but you don't like iTunes, or there is no internet or WiFi,If you want to watch favorite movies or listen music in the journey,Then this photo stick for iPhone is Perfect for you. Yeah, this iPhone memory is a perfect Partner for your iPhone/iPad.NOTE:1, For a better experience, please remove the iPhone protective cases if necessary before using this photo stick for iPhone.2, Due to DRM (Digital Rights Management), we cannot transfer Music or Video files in iTunes or downloaded by the 3rd APP to this iPhone storage.Take this Photo Stick for iPhone, share your favorite photos, videos, documents to friends or families easily. Also you can transfer these files to other Apple devices quickly while no Internet or WiFi required. This photo stick for iPhone make the distance among you and friends more closely~.~The photo stick for iPhone could be really helpful for those who have an iPhone or iPad without a large or sufficient storage.Take this iPhone storage, free up photos videos from your iPhone (so easy and fast), then go to take lots of pictures and videos on your upcoming vacation or to an event/festival where you might take a lot of photos videos and you can fill up the external iPhone flash drive instead of your iPhone storage.TIPS:Plug the iPhone storage, taking Photos/Videos from the APP, all Photos & Videos Will be Stored in the iPhone Flash Drive directly.The photo stick for iPhone also will be great assistance in your

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