Iomega ZIP 750 – ZIP drive – external – ZIP – 750 MB – Hi-Speed USB

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as of 09/26/2022 (Details)

MODEL- 32324 VENDOR- IOMEGA CORPORATION FEATURES- Zip 750 External USB 2.0 Zip 750MB drive. More speed. More capacity. The smart Iomega Zip 750MB Drive and Disk give me the high-speed durable portable storage solution to protect my important files. Plus backups and file synchronization are a snap thanks to Iomega Automatic Backup Software and Iomega Sync Software included FREE with my drive! For PC and Mac users. Includes Zip 750MB USB 2.0 Drive One USB cable One A/C adapter and One CD containing IomegaWare Software and HTML users manual. * Blazing fast 50x50x50x write/rewrite/read speed. * Impressive 750MB capacity for abundant file protection and storage. * Backup and file transfers are a snap with Iomega Solutions Suite software. * Reads and writes Zip 750MB and 250MB disks. Reads all 100MB disks. INTERFACE - USB 2.0/1.1 CAPACITY - 750MB TRANSFER RATE- 7.3MB/sec maximum (USB 2.0) 0.9MB/sec maximum (USB 1.1) O/S SUPPORT - Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP and later MacOS 8.6

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