Iomega ZIP 100 – Disk drive – ZIP ( 100 MB ) – USB – external – remanufactured

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as of 12/01/2023 (Details)

Product description Iomega Zip 100 Portable USB Drive Introducing the new 100MB External USB Zip(r) drive from Iomega - for Power Macs with a built-in USB connection and PC systems with a built-in USB controller running Windows 98! The new, sleek translucent ice-blue 100MB External USB Zip drive is simple to connect, hot swappable, and compatible with over 100 million 100MB Zip disks. From the Manufacturer A Zip drive works like your hard drive, letting you easily access files and applications. And with a Zip drive sold every five seconds, you're sure to find millions of users worldwide to share your files with. Review The Iomega Zip drive is the low-cost removable storage leader--and Iomega's two latest offerings, the Zip 250 (a SCSI device) and a USB version of the Zip 100, should help maintain its popularity. The USB drive is designed for Win98; you install the drivers and IomegaWare software first, then reboot your system. We got it installed and performing without a hitch. We tested the SCSI version of the Zip 250. The 250 MB disks will sell for about $100 for a six pack, about the same as a 10 pack of Zip 100 disks. The drive works with the 100 MB disks, but sacrifices some speed in doing so. We compared both drives' performance against an internal IDE Zip 100 drive (0.32MBps). The Zip 100 copied our files at 0.25MBps. The Zip 250's SCSI interface helped it achieve good speeds (0.52MBps) with a 250MB disk for which it's optimized.

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