Iomega 31774 Peerless USB 1.1 20 GB Bundle

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as of 09/30/2023 (Details)

Peerless, the groundbreaking removable storage solution from Iomega, provides premier, fast, high-capacity storage that is critical to the new generation of media users. This new, sleekly designed magnetic storage drive is super-fast, with transfer rates up to 1 MBps. And this is the first true high-capacity removable storage medium with cartridges available in 10 or 20 gigabyte configurations. The drive supports modular connectivity, so you can link it to FireWire, USB, and SCSI computer interfaces. In the near future, additional interfaces may also be available for you to link the Peerless to your satellite TV, your home entertainment center, and even your car. The Peerless system allows you to back up your entire computer on one disk. It can store up to 20 hours of streaming video, your entire CD collection, thousands of MP3s, and complete libraries of interactive video games or graphic images. It's powerful enough to store all your files, fast enough to run applications straight from the drive, and versatile enough to go anywhere with you. Peerless offers all the storage space you need, in one powerful, versatile, pocket-sized drive.

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