iodd 2541 USB 3.0 512GB SSD installed External Encrypted Hard Drive Enclosure [Virtual DVD Blu-ray ROM/VHD/Booting/SSD/HDD/2.5] Made in Korea

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as of 12/01/2023 (Details)

ZM-VE400 Compatible - iodd2541 is the enhanced version of VE400. Widows To Go - you can boot Win2Go, Linux, Mac OS from HDD or VHD. Bootable Virtual ODD - Recognized as physical CD DVD Blu-ray ROM. Bootable Virtual HDD - Recognized as physical HDD or Removable drive from VHD or VMDK. you can use maximum 4 virtual drives(At the same time, you can also use write protection function). VHD Tool++ is Dedicated programs for virtual HDD(you can download, see readme file from above link). Bootable Virtual FDD - Recognized as physical FDD, but old computers don't work. AutoSleep - automatically (after 10 minutes of non use). Share HDDs - (no limit to use HDDs, Can share HDDs or this product. Write Blocker - Enable or Disable Write Protection. Prevent from Brute Force attack - Using encrypted transfer PIN data, Brute Force attacks are useless. Retry time is increasing. No PIN Self Destruct - How many times PIN mismatches does not destruct PIN. Safely Removal - Hot key can Spin Down HDD.

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