ICY DOCK 4 x 2.5” HDD/SSD Bracket Mount Kit Adapter for 5.25” Drive Bay – FLEX-FIT Quattro MB344SP

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as of 02/06/2023 (Details)

With the 2.5" solid state drive prices dropping and their capacity increasing, there are more and more computer users starting to upgrade their hard disk drive to ssd. If you are computer literate, you may have more than one 2.5" SSD installed in your system. Since every computer has limited hard drive slots, what will happen if you are running out of storage space but at the same time your system is out of physical drive slots for adding more drives? The icy dock flex-fit quattro mb344sp HDD / SSD bracket is your answer. The flex-fit quattro takes up to 4 x 2.5" HDD / SSD and only uses 1 x external 5.25" bay. The space saving design allows you to optimize your storage density and free up your valuable hard drive slots. With a tool-less drive installation design, the flex-fit quattro lets you to easily insert or remove the HDD / SSD without dismounting the entire bracket from the system. This is extremely useful when adding additional hdds / ssds to your system, simply open the side panel of the PC case, insert the new HDD / SSD into the bracket and then plug in the cables and you are ready to go .

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