HighPoint rSSD7101B 2TB NVMe RAID Drive

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as of 03/27/2023 (Details)

A Paradigm shift for Compact System Acceleration: rSSD7101B NVMe RAID Drives pack the power of a 20x SATA SSD's into a compact, stand-alone PCIe device that can be easily installed into nearly any type of workstation or server platform! This unconventional approach to NVMe storage represents a paradigm shift in the development of system acceleration solutions. rSSD7101B Series - P Class SSD's (Professional Applications): rSSD7101B Drives solutions deliver unprecedented storage performance and reliability, and are ideal for heavy workloads such as professional media and engineering applications. rSSD7101B Drives are available with up to 8TB of capacity, and can support sustained transfer speeds exceeding 13,000MB/s. Independent, Stand-Alone NVMe SSD Storage for Windows & Linux PC's: rSSD7101B Drives are independent, stand-alone solutions, and can be used with any Windows 10 (or later) & Linux Kernel 3.3 (or later) PC platform that provides a true PCIe 3.0 x16 host interface. Scale Performance and Capacity across multiple rSSD7101B Drives: rSSD7101B Drives can utilize up to four M.2 SSD modules at PCIe 3.0 x16 and 4TB of capacity, and double that when used in dual configurations, all at a price per GB comparable to that of SATA SSD-based solutions. Zero Performance Throttling: Robust & Streamlined Design Protects & Cools SSD's. The all-aluminum casing features an integrated fan & heat sink that work in conjunction to eject excess heat away from vital components and keep ambient temperatures manageable & cool. This prevents the SSDs from throttling back performance to avoid overheating, and ensures maximum transfer performance even during the most intense workloads. rSSD Manager: Integrated TRIM support promotes the longevity & endurance of each SSD , while SMART monitoring allows customers to keep close tabs on temperature, & TBW (total bytes written) values. Advanced Options allow experienced pro's to fine tune SSD configurations for specific applications.

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