Eboxer 3.5 Inches 1.44MB USB Floppy Drive Emulator with Display

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This USB SSD floppy drive emulator is a floppy drive emulator with high security data protection, ease of installation and user friendliness. This floppy drive emulator is a great industrial control device. Features: 1. Can search the root directory and data in 99 folders. 2. Suitable for 1.44MB floppy disk drive industrial control equipment 3. Built-in memory for switching data and conversion formats between FAT16 / 32 and FAT12, automatically saves data when power is turned off. 4. The u disk used is FAT32. 5. Easy to install and user friendly. 6. Highly secure data protection. Specification:  Model : SFR1M44-U100 Shell Material: ABS Color: White Voltage: 5V DC Compatible: Industrial control equipment, 1.44MB floppy disk drive Interface: USB port, 4-pin power plug (power), 34-pin plug (Standard floppy disk drive) Weight: approx. 104g Package list: 1 * USB Emulator 4 * Screw Note: You can download the software and instructions at this link: http://www.goteksystem.com/index.php? If you can't download, please contact us to send the file.

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