ADATA SV620 240GB USB 3.0 External Solid State Drive (ASV620-240GU3-CTI)

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as of 10/01/2023 (Details)

ADATA Sv620 USB 3.0 external solid state drive Redefines portable storage by combining superior performance of SSD, convenient shock-resisting portability of external storage device at very budget-friendly affordability. Sv620 external SSD features data transfer speed of over 410MB/s, compare to conventional external HDD at 90MB/s. Transferring large data files such as HD video movies takes literally seconds compare to minutes using conventional external HDD. Accidentally dropping or bumping of conventional external HDD can cause severe and irreparable physical damage to spinning disc surfaces, corrupting data permanently and rendering valuable content useless. Designed to offer all-around protection against shock, Sv620 external SSD offers excellent durability comparing to conventional external HDD. Sv620 external SSD eliminates annoying buzzing noise and skin-burning temperature commonly found with conventional external HDD. With high shock tolerance, Sv620 external SSD minimizes possible data loss due to impact and enhanced reliability over conventional external HDD. Sv620 external draws far less power than conventional external HDD, extending battery life of mobile devices. Without moving parts, Sv620 external SSD is totally silent and generates very low heat than conventional external HDD. Sv620 external SSD also boots up and shuts down almost instantly, saving plenty of time comparing to conventional external HDD. Available in 240GB and 480GB capacities, Sv620 external SSD is compatible with Android, Mac OS and Windows, making file sharing across different OS platforms easy, fast and reliable. Sv620 external SSD combines performance, durability, reliability, lower power consumption and silent operation all in one compact and lightweight package, giving a new Definition to portable storage experience. ADATA Sv620 external SSD comes with 3-year limited warranty for worry-free ownership experience.

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